[NEWS] MYNAME ends contract with korean agency H2media. The group will NOT separate.

Today (12/04) was announced in the Chosun site that MYNAME has separated after eight years group, but the news was misinterpreted.

Actually MYNAME's contract with H2media is over, but the group is still together. The group will not separate.

Seyong, seeing the buzz that happened on the internet with this news, spoke and clarified the doubts of the fans:

InSoo also calmed the fans:

H2media commented: "Recently, MYNAME (Gunwoo, InSoo, Seyong, JunQ, Chaejin) and our exclusive contract period have ended, and we mark the end of 8 years of group activity. Thank you for your support. My activity with MYNAME ended, but we will fully support our members to achieve further growth in their respective areas. "

Several sites have already announced the group's disband, but to the hapiness of our MYNAME fans still alive and strong! Share the real news and calm the hearts of fans.



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